Chasing the Thunder

If you have been following all the weather stories right now that are trending then you know that a lot of people are out chasing the storms for that once in a lifetime photograph. Now having grown up in the Sierra’s I know too well how powerful those storm images can be and chasing thunderheads us something I got hooked on a long time ago. From California, to Utah, to Montana I have photographed everyone that I could get my viewfinder on. There’s just so much drama going on that it’s hard not to bring the camera out.


What I find most amazing is hoe different each one can be and how impact that is. The most typical one I see is at sunset. Which makes sense that’s when the temperatures begin to change and the air pressure changes with it. Of course the color that goes with it is always breathtaking.


Even in the middle of the day the shear shape can say a lot. Now I tend to shoot rather wide often with a 24-70 AF-S f/2.8 but there are those times that going closeup and picking out those spots where the rain or god beams are coming through that can be more impactful then the overall scene.


In those rare cases you find yourself needing something so wide that it encompasses the whole sky and not even a 14-24 f/2.8 does the job justice. No matter what field you’re in, go out and enjoy mother nature. You’ll find more surprises there then you can imagine if you give it a chance.

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