Spring is so Black and White

I love Spring time in the mountains, there are always days with great clouds. I have always felt that Bozeman is rather unique in the sense that the skies always feel so low. The clouds seem to hang out at such a low altitude that there are days you think you can reach up and touch them. Those can be some great shooting days.


You know it really doesn’t take much to get going with these Spring days, just a D4 and 24-70 AF-S is all I need. When the office gets you down and the work seems inescapable grab a camera and just go drive. It may not sound like much but it can make a huge difference for your mental state to just drive along an open road and relax. That’s one of the luxuries that we photographers get to enjoy is knowing that even if that drive ends up right back in the office it alone can make a day great.

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