Combining the Natural World with the Modern

Something that I find very difficult to work with when it comes to landscape photography is dealing with the areas that have been affected by people. We always see beautiful majestic landscapes and want to create such moving images for ourselves but it’s not always easy to do so. Sometimes it comes down to just going to those iconic locations like Yellowstone, or Monument Valley, or Yosemite. But in photography everything comes down to the money put in and it’s not always possible to go to such iconic places on a daily basis. In order to keep up with photography though you have to constantly be practicing. So how do you resolve this issue?


If you live in a beautiful place, like Montana, where majestic areas aren’t hard to find then the answer is pretty simple. But if you don’t, the only way to find a solution is to combine the modern world with the natural world. It’s not easy but there are ways to tell a story through the natural world with the inclusion of man made structures. Roads and pathways are great examples as they can lead your eye through an image to the subject. Now as I have said previously I do use Photoshop to work on my backgrounds especially when it comes to my aviation work. But it’s still best to get as much right in the camera as possible. If the image isn’t there when you click the shutter then it won’t be when you go to process it.

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