Hell Hawks

I just got done reading my 6th book of the year. A little slow this year but still grateful to have time to read that many books. Well the latest one is called Hell Hawks. This book came out last year and is all about the 365 fighter group known as the Hell Hawks, and their role during WWII in the European Theater. It’s an amazing story that is expertly written. If you have ever wondered what the role of the P-47 was or how much it affected the war then this a great read for you. It took me a month to read this book solely because I didn’t want it to stop. If you have the time I suggest picking up a copy.



This is the P-47D Razorback, 42-74742, “Snafu,” painted in the scheme of Lt Severino B Calderon part of the 84th Fighter Squadron, which I was able to photograph at Planes of Fame this past May.

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