Combining Passions

Photography has always been about passion, but finding time to do everything that your passionate about isn’t always easy while being a photographer. I started fishing a long time ago with my Dad and enjoy it still till this day. After a while I got started with fly fishing and found it to be quite enjoyable while quite challenging. Last summer I started playing around with fishing and photography, I thought it would be a good time to continue it.




Flies are a dedication of time and craft. They have to be a perfect imitation of the insect that they are copying in order for the deception to work. A photograph is no different. Except instead of a deception we trying to capture the world as it is. Every fly is made up of tiny little strands of fur, feather and thread. Each one is as important as the next. What would seem to be a difficult shot is really quite simple. With a black backdrop, a pen light and a 4 second exposure it was easy to get the detail in the fly. Although rather simplistic it is still a fun start. The question is where to go from here with combining these passions?

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