Using your backyard town

One of the frequent questions I get is how to get those good shots with just whats around town. Well a lot of it comes with patience and exploring. There is an amazing amount of opportunities right in everyone’s backyard that can yield some amazing results if only you stop and look for them. No I’m not saying I’m going to get great shots of the ocean or redwood trees or sky scrapers here in town so there is the reality that you have to go after what your environment provides. But think about it, would you rather practice on a trip were have x amount of time or around the house where time is less restrictive?


As I posted yesterday I spent some time on one of my buddies ranches. It’s just one of the pluses of living in Montana and having those kind of friends. That’s part of my environment. While they were feeding the goats, the chickens and doing ranch maintenance I was putzing around watching the light. With the D4 and 24-70 AF-S in hand it was open season on the landscape. Thankfully there wasn’t bald skies. Quite the opposite in fact as one opening did form in the clouds. Some quick clicks and finishing in ACR. The total time for this was only about 90mins of shooting but that’s all it takes to get moving on that next step. No matter what the subject or where you are there is always something around to work with.

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