Going too Far

One thing that I have come to notice when it comes to photography blogs, and to be fair this does get asked a lot, is that photographers tend not to show their mistakes or at least what they believe are mistakes. To some degree it makes sense, this is a business and if you use your blog to help market yourself then you would want to show only the best. The problem with this theory is that we all learn from our mistakes, maybe not at first but generally we do learn. Well one of the most important lessons that we all should learn is when to stop.


The top image is before, the bottom is after.


Up here is one example. Lately I have been talking a lot about how to bring out more in your landscapes with ACR. Well this was a test I did and found some interesting results. Usually I am quite happy with bringing out more information but on this particular old building and the foreground in front of it, to me it seemed not only unnecessary but almost degrading to the great light I had that evening. What I ended up discovering was that even though I could bring out more, it wasn’t necessary too.

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