Precon at Hoover Dam

Once again Photoshop World is moving by at a rapid pace! It still amazes me. Yet again we had another great Precon Photo Safari and this time we went over to the Hoover Dam. I’ve driven over the dam a couple of times but never really stopped and photographed the place. This time around we had a special tour where we were able to go down inside the Dam and see the turbines. We lucked out in the timing seeing how one of the turbines was taken out and was being worked on.


Photographically the Dam is actually quite a challenge and the group was able to experience that challenge with the rest of us. For starters all the rock is bright white surrounded by dark walls. In the middle of the day sunlight that combination is really not flattering, so you have to do a little more work in post to settle out those areas.


When your shooting something as big as the Hoover Dam, I mean it’s really big, you go to think wide. Using the D4, 24-70 AF-S and 14-24 I was able to capture that size while keeping the detail that I wanted. Now inside in the bowels of the plant are these great big turbines and when you first see them it’s kind of like WoW! These things are massive and they are displayed in this really long room. Now you can’t really go any further down the line to see them but you do get a good look from the balcony. Visually the best image is that Flag hanging above them.


After the tour ended it was right back up top for some more view of the beautiful structure that has been standing since the Great Depression.

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