Changing Perspectives

While shooting down in the turbine room it was really important to capture the size of everything that was in the room, from the people to the turbines. In order to accomplish this feat you had to get away from the edge of the platform and bring the people into the shot.



Now you might be wondering why there are two images here of the same spot. Well while I was there I was asked what I was doing. I answered, “I am using the live view function to shoot with the camera raised above my head but I can see where I am aiming because the image is on the back of the monitor.” The response I got was, “How did you do that!?” The real question is why. By raisin the camera up and looking down I was able to get more turbines and less of the floor in the image. When it comes to telling the story making that room seem bigger is an important part of it.

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