Not expecting the Light

I usually like to go out when we have a storm going through because there is a chance we’ll have some great light. Well I didn’t think that that would happen the other night as it got pretty grey and boring out real quick. Then 20 minutes before the sun went down, an opening occurred and lit up this one great cloud. I couldn’t believe it. Well there wasn’t any time to get somewhere so I just shot out my back window. One of the benefits of living next to a ranch is having lots of space. Here is the result….


Well it was a beautiful sky but just couldn’t get it right. So what happened? I forced an image that wasn’t good. We all do it. We see that one moment when we think it’s going to be great and then we get back to finish it and no matter what it just doesn’t look right. You know it’s not good when that nagging voice at the back of your mind is saying, “something doesn’t feel right.” I tried a number of different ways to finish this one but no matter what I did the foreground just killed me, along with the dark lines going throughout to much of the frame. This was one of those moments that would’ve been better to just watch and enjoy.

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