My Fall Color Blog Shop!

Well Summer has come and gone already as most of us have already experienced. Every year it goes by faster but that’s alright because now we are going into one of my favorite shooting periods, Fall! I love shooting in the Fall. Everything from the color of the trees and grasses, to the temperature, the big critters and best of all sunrise is a whole lot later then in Summer. I don’t know about you guys but getting up for sunrise is a lot easier for me in the Fall when it’s 7:30 light up as opposed to 5:30 light up. Well with all of this in mind I thought to myself, “hey not everyone gets to go to a fall color workshop so why not do a Fall blog week for those people?” That’s what I’m going to do.


Obviously the best part is actually doing some shooting, but as we all know work gets in the way of life at times. So here is the first lesson, when shooting a landscape that has a lot of Fall color in it, those yellows and oranges, try and find a fixed point that is a dark color. Our minds eye naturally goes to light and bright, but if the whole image is light and bright, like Fall color leaves, having something dark in the frame is going to act in the reverse and that will be the first thing you see. Take a look at this image and see where your eye goes to first. Keep in mind how much of the frame is being filled up by that fall color because it will make a difference.

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