Oh I Hate Clothes Shopping

I must be a somewhat typical guy because I really don’t like clothes shopping. Unless it gets to the point where there are too many holes in my pants, shirts or shorts then I don’t see the point in buying replacements. Well this is one of those occasions where the job requires something new. The biggest challenge for the three of us going to South Africa, is dealing with the strict weight limits which are far different then in the United States. The place we are flying into for Safari has a check-in weight limit of 44lbs. Naturally that means that the whole trip has to be that limit. Now if you think trying to pack for just a week under the 50lb limit as a photographer is tough, try three weeks under 44lbs and just one check-in bag. Well needless to say it requires a lot of thinking.


When my brother and I were first offered this trip we were not only completely blown away but almost immediately we had to start thinking of what we needed. Well clothing is a big deal as it adds up a lot of weight real quickly. I have always been a fan of Cabela’s Long Sleeve Angler Shirts but I had never tried the convertible pants. Dad recommend the Kuhl Convertibles and I can see why. They weigh next to nothing and yet are tough, comfortable and functional. Since we are going to South Africa as they are coming out of their winter, having the ability to go from pants in the morning and evenings, to shorts in the day time is going to be really nice. For anyone else out there thinking about getting a pair I have to say so far I’m impressed by Kuhl.

On a side note, I have discovered photographing pants when they are not on a person is kind of tough. Then again if you want to photograph someones pants you might want to get permission first.

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