What to put it all in?

Finally we come to the last blog of the week before I leave for South Africa. Up till now I have talked about some of the different items that I would be taking with me to make my life not only easier but also to get the job done. You might be wondering why I left this item until last but it kind of wraps everything up nicely. Which Camera Bag to take? This is truly an important question because not only is there a weight restriction of the check in bag but also most of the planes I will be traveling on are going to be smaller jets, which means less overhead space. After some research one bag seemed to stand out for the rugged terrain that I will eventually be going to. The thinkTank Airport Accelerator.


The first thing you will notice is that this is not a roller bag, this is a backpack. Where I will be going there will not be pavement so a roller bag isn’t very practical. Next it’s physically small enough for those smaller jets being only 14” W x 20.5” H x 9” D while at the same time is very well padded. Now part of my trip is going to be on Safari and that’s really where a lot of these requirements are coming into place, but this bag had to be able to fit my 600f4 which is my main Wildlife lens. It does, with some careful packing around the lens. It also holds 2 D4’s, a 70-200 VRII, a 24-70 AF-S f2.8, a 14-24 f/4 and a SB-900. It holds a couple other little things too. Now as I said at the beginning of the week I’ve been cramming on logistics for this trip so I haven’t had time to make a packing video but luckily I know someone who has made one. To give you some idea of what this bag can do, head over to my Dad’s blog and check out his video on the Accelerator

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