Isolating those moments in Africa

Going to Africa I was torn between bringing my 200-400 and my 600f4. I was always told to bring the 200-400 because everyone said it was the perfect range of lens. Once I was there I completely understood why I was told that. It is a great range to use and I used my 70-200 a lot while shooting in the bush. Even though my 200-400 is my go to lens when it comes to working with mammals in the states I went with the 600f4. For one reason, birds. I wanted to make sure I left with an as complete over view of the entire environment at Africa as I could get. While I was out shooting another great reason popped up.


This is a family group of elephants under a classic African tree, enjoying the shade of the tree. They were all stacked in together pretty darn close and a couple were even laying down. The overall scene was very natural, big critters in the sun trying to cool off, but with the 600f4 I was able to isolate certain areas. The faces and trunks are so iconic that it doesn’t take much to be drawn right to them. With the intense shadow under the tree and the bright background, focusing on such a narrow point also helped with exposure.

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