The Elegant Leopard

One of the most beautiful creatures that we saw during the whole trip was the Leopard. It’s so hard to describe how amazing it is to be five feet away from these elegant cats and they just simply don’t care that we were there. We photographed Leopards on fourteen different occasions and saw eight individuals. This female was saw a couple of times and is about seven years old.



Leopards and Lions are very much nocturnal so during the day they just sleep, mostly up in trees. During the dusk and dawn light they start to be more active and after the sun goes down the spotlight comes out so we can find them. With wildlife photography it’s always about the eyes. The one rule that we have to follow is that the eyes have to be sharp. With these cats the eyes are so powerful that they alone become the subject and many times I was looking for ways where I could compose and just see the eyes.

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