How Much Light is Needed?

You set the alarm to get up early only to find that the destination is socked in with a blanket of clouds. You check the weather and decide to wait a bit before heading out. The field was still covered, nothing getting in, nothing to do but make lemonade with the clouds that have definition to them. Walking around you see more and more opps, subtle things that eventually start to pop out. Then you see it, the hole in the clouds that’s coming up on the horizon. But where’s the subject? Desperately looking around for anything in those seconds before the light comes up and disappears. Then you see it, a lonely tug driver moving a plane around. There’s nothing else right, but it’s something. You hold down the shutter and burst off a series and by the time you let up the light is gone, back to overcast. Was it enough time?


Every time I go out I ask myself this. How much is needed to communicate the story behind the image? A tug driver cleaning up the ramp after an airshow before the rain comes in. He has one of the most important jobs. That little bit of morning light making the otherwise drab day a little bit brighter.

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