The Super Guppy

Here’s my fun Friday post. At Wings over Houston I had the great opportunity to go inside NASA’s Super Guppy. It’s just an amazing plane that has such an irregular look to it that it makes you scratch your head and ask, “how does it fly?” Seriously it’s funky looking, but it actually has a purpose. It’s one of only 5 ever built and it is the only flying example in the world. It transports big oversize equipment. It can hold a 747 fuselage inside of it! It was originally a 747 redesigned a built to accommodate bigger equipment. the front nose swings off and the items are pushed into it’s belly. the inside is 111ft long and 25ft high. It’s impressive!




This is inside looking towards the tail. Geometrically it’s an amazing pattern with the ribs but one can only imagine how long it would’ve taken to fasten all those panels down. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

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