It’s a good day for Ground birds

Well it’s Turkey Day and normally this is when I would post a photo of a turkey and call it good. Well I was thinking about it and that just didn’t seem like enough, especially when I had other ground birds to go with it. This is the Crested Francolin another common ground bird we found at the preserve. Although it technically isn’t related to the turkey at all, it’s still an allie.



Continuing with my quest to capture as many species as I could I wanted to be sure to photograph the ground birds. Now we saw a lot of these little guys along with other spurfowl, but we didn’t always stop for them. This time we did. When we were down there it was Spring and the vegetation hadn’t come in yet so these little guys really did blend in well with the background. All it took to make them pop was a little flash of light and in the evening light with there black and white stripped head, they popped out really well, so much so that no matter what size in the frame your eye goes to it.

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