The Hole in Nevada

Well the holidays sure came and went fast as they usually do when you’re having fun. I imagine it seems a little odd I posted yesterday abut going home and here I am posting about driving back to Bozeman. Well for what it’s worth there actually was a lot of fun in between just not a lot of shooting, I spent a lot of it playing games, playing with the dogs and playing with my new Mac. What better to do then that.


The drive back to Bozeman was not one of my favorites as I was chasing a storm for the majority of the way through Northern Nevada and this time of the year, I’m not really fond of storm chasing. It was pretty darn dark with a lot of low clouds throughout the trip but as I made my way through Elko and headed to Wells Nevada, I stopped and saw a little bit of light peaking through the cloud layer hitting this mountain range. I pulled over and grabbed the D4 and 70-200 VRII and got a couple quick shots of the mountains, isolating the patterns on some slopes while also shooting the entire scene. Another quick winter moment captured.

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