Working those patterns on the Limbs

I love shooting in the snow! Winter can be one of the best times to be out shooting because the possibilities are endless. Snow adds a brand new layer of interesting to everything that it touches and the best part is, even if you go somewhere that you have been to in the previous years, the snow is going to be different in that spot. It keeps changing making it always interesting. Then of course you have those overcast days which make it challenging but you can always be out longer. It’s just fun.


As I have talked about in the past one of my favorite landscape lenses is the 70-200 VRII. It’s just a great range for capturing relatively wide shots while still giving you options for going close up. Take this hillside of frozen pine trees along the Madison River. Just by zooming in a bit you can see the patterns that the positive and negative space between the branches create and it becomes so abstract that it’s the subject in itself. Now if I had gotten closer it would be an even stronger effect but with a foot of fresh snow and a destination to get to that day, I had to make do.

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