What is the Next Big Thing

Yesterday I said I was getting asked two questions a lot; have I gotten through everything from Africa, which haven’t entirely, and the other one is what is the next big thing I have planned? Having grown up around the photography business I know how much time photographers spend on the road and while I have certainly enjoyed my time traveling lately, I certainly am looking forward to spending some time at home, photographing the critters in the snow and working on my editorial projects.

Bridge View Finished

This brings up the point of what to do in the off season? Every field has an “off season” or a time of the year that is less busy then other times. Sports, Fashion, Weddings, Wildlife and Aviation. Every field has a point in the year that is a little bit slower. It’s part of the business. Well it is in those times that really help to define and challenge our business skills. It is when we are the least busy that are skills can get rusty, that other problems can come forward. This is truly when we must be working the hardest finding new clients, coming up with new ideas, practicing our technique or even finishing images from the previous year that have been put on the back burner as we move forward. It all has to get done and now can be the best time for some of us. If it is your off season then make sure you stay active and push yourself, so that way 2015 turns out to be a great year.

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