Same Rock but Different Look

Well as is common with the afternoon light moving through any canyon, it’s always darkest at the bottom and the last light is always up top. When I looked back I saw this one rock that still had the afternoon light on it. While it would’ve been great to have a Mountain Goat or Bighorn Sheep standing on top, the rock by itself did have enough character to warrant a couple photos, even without any clouds behind it.


What originally caught my attention was the light on the rock and on the trees below it. While the foreground trees were surrounded in darkness and yielded little overall the two different compositions got me thinking about that rock. I love finding examples of one subjects but different methods to shoot it. With the D4 and 70-200VRII, zooming in on the rock and the tree line tells one story, the falling afternoon light, and the second shot which took a bit of post work, of a snowy afternoon with the snow leading up to the rock. It’s little things like these that you have to look for when you’re out shooting because they often can have the best rewards.

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