Always Carry Around a Camera

If there is one lesson that you don’t want to learn the hard way it is to always have a camera with you. It’s a little bit easier these days with the quality of modern cell phones, but it’s pretty nice to have a small camera in your pocket for those moments that come up during the weekend activities. Two of my favorite sports have always been skiing and fishing. This past weekend my buddy Al dragged me out on Saturday and we went fishing for a few hours. We have a real warm spell going through right now and the nice weather made it encouraging for good fishing in January. Not exactly something I usually do this time of the year but fun non the less.


The fishing was rather tough and didn’t amount to much but with the CoolPix P7000 in my pocket I was able to play around with the ice shelfs that were up and down the banks of the Gallatin River. Then again since I was fishing, why not combine them both and have a better image. The hardest part was getting that fly to stay on the ice without it breaking. Oh well the sixth attempt was the charm.

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