Those are Great Clouds

Over Christmas break, I had the great fortune of being able to go through some of Grandpa’s slides from his military days. While I was doing this I learned two very important things that make a lot more sense about my family; first my Grandpa would take a camera everywhere. While he was in the Air Force he served in the nose of a B-29 in WWII and served in Korea. He flew many planes during those days and went to a lot of places, some of these things we are still finding out about him. Well, as it turns out while he was flying, while on days off, at home, traveling, everywhere, he had his camera. The second thing I learned is that he loved clouds. Many of his slides were just labelled with a date and the word clouds. It explains where my Dad got his love with clouds. I bring this up because it was going through my mind as I photographing these great clouds over the Bridger’s. Sometimes I wonder why we need the landscape to make a good landscape image? Why not just use the sky as the canvas? These simple shots were taken with the D4 and 200-400 VR, isolating fun patterns amongst the lights and shadows.


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