Those Rainy Day Projects

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this in February but we’ve had so many rainy days over the last few weeks that it has made shooting rather difficult. I truly don’t like it when the skies are grey as I have talked about so often but it does provide a silver lining. The one major downside of taking on new projects all the time is getting caught up on images in the spare time. Well sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it’s not. With aviation, it really is not! Plane pictures take longer to process then anything else. Not because of serious changes being made but just the shear attention to all the little details. The flip side is, it can be really worth it in the end.


There are two main reasons why it is important to keep up with processing. The first one is the reason that every photographer hopes for, someone wants to buy an image. If you get asked for that image, you better have it ready. Going searching for it isn’t a good way to do business. That brings up the second reason; if you have a trip where you take thousands of images, how are you going to remember everything that you took? You can’t, I can’t. That’s why it is has to get done, so that way your best images are in an easy to reach place when needed.


Now for myself I have a simple system. Depending on how close together my trips are I tend to do one of two things. I either get all the images done at once or I get a handful of my best ones done and go back for the others later. There isn’t always time to get everything done right away, that doesn’t mean images aren’t needed right away for blogs, articles and the people behind the event. Those areas have to be addressed fast, the rest can wait. In the end everything gets done, and those rainy, not wanting to go out days really help with that.

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