End of the Storm Light

After spending time with the Geese I wasn’t sure where to go IF the skies would break up or not. That’s the joy of cruising. I ended up cruising along the Bridger Mountains heading north parallel to them, up to a point a knew about that would go into the forest. The light over the peaks was looking good as the sun kept going down. Then out of the north the clouds were moving so fast that this one big spear headed cloud decided to move in front. I’ve spent a lot of time watching sunsets and sunrises as they transpire into something great or fizzle into nothing. Even though the eye cup was so cold when pressed against my eye that it actually was hurting, I stayed and watched and shot knowing that this would be a great sunset. Shooting with the D4, 24-70 AF-S f/2.8 and Lexar UDMA Digital Film, the sky transformed from this.


To this



And finally, before the sun went down to just below the cloud line, to this.



When it comes to powerful landscape images, god beams often make them. While I’ve shot many and seen many more, these were some of the boldest that I’ve witnessed. With a little help in Adobe Camera Raw by light painting a little bit of the foreground to bring out the light on the earth, the image becomes complete.

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