The Importance of Shooting Everyday

While I Was out cruising this past weekend I went by a previous shooting spot and was aghast to what I saw. On the northern edge of town, where once was a great old barn, there remains now just a pile of dirt. I couldn’t believe it. While it was in a commercial spot of town, the fact that it is gone really sucks!


Last year I got out and photographed this barn once. Sadly it is the only really good photograph of it in my files which bothers me. Everyday when we are not behind the camera something happens. That is the reality and nothing we can do will change that. We can’t be everywhere at once. But if you don’t get out and at least try then the moments will be lost. I started thinking about all the images that I have in my files of places, things and people that are no longer around. While it saddens me, there is relief in knowing that there is at least an image capturing them. We as photographers have an obligation to constantly be shooting and to constantly be sharing. Photography is not just about making beautiful images, but also about preserving history.

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