The Other Reason to Keep Shooting

Last week I talked about one of the most important reasons to be constantly shooting, to preserve history while it’s still around. There are many reasons to shoot all the time, one of which that happens more often then not, is the one reason that we all hate. Getting skunked. It really sucks but it does happen a lot. There really isn’t a whole lot that can be done about this except to try again on another day.


Last weekend produced a great afternoon of shooting. While chasing the tail end of a storm the sky opened up and the light was great.

blank slide

The downside of having a great afternoon shooting, is that Murphy’s law is usually not on your side for the next round. While it was a great weekend the shooting was a little but more stale. Nothing really great was produced, as you can see above, except for a relaxing drive around some of the old haunts. This is one of those times that you can’t get discouraged but just enjoy the moment and try again. With some more planning and more shooting, hopefully the next day will be better.

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