Out Looking for Birds

It’s that time of the year again if you’re a Wildlife Photographer where you need to be looking for birds. The Spring migration is starting to happen in certain areas, granted the weather throughout the country is making time tables a little off, but birds are moving through. With rainy days this whole past week, there wasn’t too many great opportunities for shooting but great days for scouting. It’s important to research various watering holes where birds like to collect and then go and visit those places and see what the shooting options are if any. This is one of those spots.


This is a marshy pond I found last year not far from the Gallatin River. I marked as a possible afternoon shooting site as one side is impossible to get to for a morning shoot. The birds were already there. I counted at least a dozen species either heard or saw and found ways to work them. However, as you can probably tell from the skies I didn’t really get a chance to pull the big glass out. The skies from the western horizon to the eastern were filled with these clouds. Little breaks here and there but nothing lasting. This one image, captured with the D4 and 18mm, was in between a window of about fifteen seconds and then the light disappeared. I waited around until the sun was almost at the horizon to see if the light would pop through and it did a little bit. It was actually pretty gorgeous out to the west. Well needless to say I’ll be going back to this spot to see what else I can make happen.

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