Slow and Steady Makes an Image

When I went to Africa I was thinking about two things, the people I would be working with and the critters. I’m often thinking about that experience especially now that it has been several months and certain details are starting to fade. That’s the reality of travel, these little nuisances get lost over time. One reason why it’s so important to keep a journal or at the very least notes. While on safari I wanted to photograph everything! Not knowing when I would go back, every click had to count. One of the critters we had multiple opportunities with was the Leopard Tortoise. This very well camouflaged tortoise we would see from time to time walking through grassy areas. Surprisingly they are quite fast and did a good job of making it to cover before we could photograph them. Their thick shell is their natural defense system and is strong enough to survive most predators. The Ground Hornbill is one of the predators that has a strong enough bill to get through the shell. Well this little guy didn’t have anything to worry about with us nor did his little buddy. After a few clicks he went on his way.


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