Merging HDR images in ACR

I’ve been using Adobe Camera Raw for years and I truly enjoy the flexibility and speed of the program. With Adobe’s latest update, the option to merge to HDR and make panos in ACR has allowed for a whole new aspect of speed and quality. Well I wrote about making Panos a couple weeks ago so I figured it was time to say something about merging to HDR.



Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.03.26 PM


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and usually occurs when the range of light is greater then seven stops and the camera can’t record everything in one frame. In order to capture all the information you have to merge multiple images together ranging from dark to light. In order to make a better image you have to use images with no blinkies and strong darks. Then in ACR, just like when merging images into a Pano, you select all the images you want to use and then go to the botton on the top left and click merge to HDR. It’s really that simple. Then you can make any adjustments you want in ACR that you usually do. While in Charlottesville Airport on our way to DC last week, we were working hard to stay ahead of the weather. The god beams were on the other side of the planes and it made for some great photography.

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