Why I Love the Mountains

Except for my travels, I have spent my whole life in the mountains. Whether it’s the Sierra’s or the Rockies there is just something about being up in gods country that just feels good, especially when those days come along that I’m glad I became a photographer.


The Gallatin River is very swollen right now with high waters at most access spots and is anything but clear. This is usually the case with the Spring runoff and it makes it not enjoyable for fishing but still useful for shooting. A while back I had found a spot that looked promising for birding and it happened to be next to the river. The light was fading fast but there was enough on the river with the right clouds in the background to warrant a quick click with the D4 and 24-70 AF-S.


I never would have guessed that with the small diffusion layer to the west that the sky would turn from what it was to what it became. I truly haven’t seen a sunset that spanned the length of the Bridger’s and lasted for forty five minutes, that’s 30 minutes after sun down, in a long time. It was one of those moments where I was kicking myself wishing that I was at a better spot but life being what it is you can only make do and enjoy the show.

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