When You Have Good Light, Find a Subject

I often wonder if it’s better to go after more illusive and “prized” species no matter how good the light may or may not be or if it’s better to work with whatever may be in front of you with good light? There are those species that are just everywhere and you see them and say to yourself, “do I really need another shot of that bird?” I picked two perfect examples of just, the Yellow Headed and Red Winged Blackbird.



Most of you reading this are probably saying, “oh yea I’ve seen that bird.” Not to surprising considering they are everywhere. While they do attract some attention with their bright minimal color contrasted against there black bodies, they are still a common bird. These were taken down at that marsh by the Gallatin River I had found and in the setting evening light there wasn’t a whole lot else except for a very uncooperative little Yellow Warbler. Now I didn’t really need more of these two species unless it was something truly unbelievable, but if you saw my post from yesterday then you know there was some absolutely gorgeous light that evening and anything would’ve looked good in front of my lens. The lesson isn’t that one way is right and the other wrong but if you can capture a good image then it really doesn’t matter what’s in front of your lens as long as your having fun.

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