Loving that ACR Pano Feature

Ever since Adobe added the merge to HDR and merge to Pano options in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom CC, I have truly been enjoying the capabilities of these features. Whenever I go out shooting, I take a few extra shots to see what kind of Pano I can create and sometimes they turn out rather interesting. For the last few days we have had some truly gorgeous weather, so much so that it has been absolutely great bike riding weather. This past evening we had another Summer storm roll through and it was good time to pick up the camera and shoot.


Click on the image to see it bigger

Using just a D4 and a 70-200VRII it was simply a matter of isolating the ares of interest and then bringing them together in post. One really important thing to remember when doing a pano is that you need to make sure you have roughly a third of each composition in the next image. There has to be enough overlap so that the computer can stitch the images together. It’s actually really simple to do, even hand holding, it just takes some mental awareness.

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