One Great North Dakota Weekend

It was one heck of a weekend! This past weekend my Dad was doing his K&M Adventures Air to Air workshop in Minot, ND. Minot is home to the Minot Aero Center and the Dakota Territory Museum. The Aero center has a great number of planes that are constantly coming and going through the active services of the airport but the Museum is also home to the Texas Flying Legends Museum fleet for maintenance and storage during the Summer months. The Dakota Territory Museum is home to numerous planes including a vast variety of antique planes. The Aero Center is run by Warren Peitsch and Brian Sturm and with such a small community all working together to promote aviation, the possibilities here are endless.


I drove up from Bozeman for the weekend to see just what it would be like to attend of these Air to Air workshops since I hadn’t been to one. Well the class was great and the attendees were very enthusiastic and left in sensory overload. We photographed this Monocoupe 110 Special on the very first morning and it was one heck of a morning. Using the D4 and 24-70, I got down low and shot up using the yellow stripe as a graphic line leading straight to the Monocoupe. By getting down low the foreground was minimized to show off more of the amazing sky. Simple way to make a big impact.

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