The Hard Lessons

Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way in order for them to stick. It’s part of being human that no one can escape. Eventually we all end up learning something through that same process. What’s important is that we learn not to do it again. Being a photographer every second counts. We don’t always get a second shot when we are out in the field. Thankfully this time it was an easy fix.


Last week I met another pilot that I had previously worked with and didn’t even know it. Not only did he fly at the Reno Air Races for years but he also flew this beautiful B-25J “Old Glory” at the 2012 Doolittle Reunion. After talking a little bit I knew I had to send images but low and behold I hadn’t even finished those ones yet. This is one of the greatest crutch’s when it comes to Aviation Photography, the time it takes to finish all those images. It really is important because you never know when you have to send some out. Luckily I knew exactly where the images were and with the help of ACR they were done in no time. Now if this had been a potential image sale for an editor I might have lost out on it because I wasn’t quick enough. You just never know. That’s why it pays to plan ahead and have it all done.

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