Panos and Planes

Ever since the merge to pano option was introduced into Adobe Camera Raw, I have been using that technique to bring out more in my visual story telling. It still amazes me how good of a job the computer does with stitching the photos together especially when it comes to aircraft. There are so many lines with planes that I keep thinking that somewhere some part will be out of alignment but it never is.


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This is the F-86 Sabre that I photographed here in town back in July and I lucked out because they had a ladder I could use. While I was shooting I was smart enough to do a pano. With the KC-135, GA aircraft, and Bridger Mountains in the background it was a nice story telling where this plane lived. Now I know a few people are going to say it’s not centered. Well when I took the images for this I was thinking more about showing of the Bridger’s opposed to the planes and buildings. Something else I did differently with this pano is instead of using the auto crop feature in ACR when you combine the images together, because it is an option under spherical and cylindrical, I instead opened up the image in Photoshop CC and used content aware fill to fill in the areas around the edges. Not only did this make for a larger pano and not narrower but it also left the landing gear in the frame because the auto crop would have removed that information. So the next time you are working on a Pano really watch all the elements and realize how you are going to finish the image.

Images captured with Nikon D4, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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