All Roads Lead Somewhere

I love working with roads. It may seem odd to use in landscapes but they are a great simple way for the minds eye to move through an image. When it comes to my landscape photography I try to either exclude the man made objects that are often distracting from the overall scene or incorporate them so that they are not distracting. Roads are one of those man made objects that can be included to tell a story.


I threw up these three examples to show how effective a road can be. They were all taken with the same settings and with a D4 and 18mm. While they were all taken at the same location they were in slightly different spots but the story remains the same. The really important element to remember when it comes to roads is that there has to be something worthwhile at the end. That simple notion goes back far into human psychology that there is always something better at the end of the journey. The image incorporates that ideal by showing what we are seeing along that journey. The next time you’re out shooting remember to look for those roads.

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