Waiting Around with a Camera in Hand

While the F-86 Sabre was up flying I had some time to play around at the field. With the D4 and 200-400VR I did my usual thing of looking for other images. One of the nice things about the Bozeman Airport is that there are quite of few planes coming and going and of various shapes and sizes.


For instance this Diamond DA20 from the local training school was going off with another student and boy was he surprised to see all of us at the end of the runway, especially me taking pictures. What cracked us up was right before he took off the Sabre had so naturally we were noticing the differences in takeoff speeds. Needless to say which was faster.


Then of course there were some bigger aircraft like this Beech 1900c of alpine Air Services. Since the sky was kind of boring I tried to keep a lot of it out of the image which is a basic technique that helps to make the composition stronger when you don’t have ideal situations. As the 1900c got closer the image got better being a little more full framed. Sometimes the best way to get images is just to stand around and wait, as patience is a key to photography.

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