Preparing for Hibernation

Winter time is often a slow time for myself. It’s a great time of the year to get caught up on past images that I overlooked, work on updating and creating new content for the blog, or just sit around writing articles. Since I went into aviation photography I’ve certainly noticed this trend since a lot of the plane I work I do is the summer. Not real surprising when you think about it. One of my favorite mammals has a rather different winter routine that at times sounds rather appealing.


I’ve photographed Grizzly Bears a lot over the years but never in the winter time nor really in the fall. Simple fact is that after October first they tend to go into calorie crazy mode and search for any anything edible to get those last minute fat reserves up. In this time period it can be unsafe to photograph bears. That’s one reason why I’m always hoping to see them out in September when the odd snow storm comes through and creates a nice blanket of snow. Hasn’t happened yet but maybe next year. Until then it’s bears munching on grasses.

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