First Thoughts on the Epson P400

I have had my Epson SureColor P400 for about a week now learning what this new printer can do. I have to say it’s quite impressive. The P400 is the smallest and lightest of the SureColor P Series. It’s physically not much bigger then the Epson R2880 I’m replacing but it has some great features. First off it has Ethernet and WiFi capability. This makes for a cleaner office space especially if you have multiple computers. It does come with standard USB 2.0 as well. Next the P400 can do both sheet and roll paper up to 13″ wide along with a print on CD option, making it very versatile while staying within budget. Now all of this is pretty straight forward but the big differences are on the inside.


The really big difference that makes this printer standout are the ink wells. For starters the P400 has a dedicated matte black and photo black ink well making it easier to swap between papers without having to swap out ink cartridges. Now it does take a minute when you swap settings for the ink to swap as well but that’s nothing. Next the P400 has the gloss optimizer which adds another coating to either the whole sheet or just the printed area and what it does is it makes it look very uniform across the surface.

Now here’s the big one. This printer has a dedicated Orange and Red ink Cartridge. It has eight cartridges, yellow, cyan, magenta, photo black, matte black, orange, red and the gloss optimizer. If you print a lot of color prints and not a lot of black and whites then you’ve probably noticed that preserving those very vibrant areas especially in the red to yellow range can be quite difficult. This printer does a great job of preserving those. Now the trade off is there is no light black or light light black cartridge which depending on your printing needs may not be as optimal. That’s for you to decide. But the first thing I did was print out a bunch of red and orange critical images like this F-86 Sabre. I’ve tried printing this in the past and it was tough. The candy apple red’s would fade. The P400 didn’t loose any. I like that!

So while I still have more testing to do, for right now I can honestly say that between the size, price point and above all else, the quality, the Epson P400 is a great printer for the advanced amateur photographer and even professionals like myself who take pride in their prints.

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