What to do during Hibernation

It’s that time of the year again up here in the north when the days are shorter and the office work never ceases. Yep, this is when all those files that got looked over are finished from the year, new projects are put into the works for next year, articles are written and office upgrades start happening. With the travel season a little bit slower for myself this is the perfect time to make changes to my everyday workflow.


Last week I talked about how one new change arrived in the office, the Epson P400 printer, and all the fun of printing out new images on it. I have to say it really is fun to just print for the joy of printing. I still have no clue where I’m going to put all the prints but I’ll figure that out next Spring.

In between winter storms the office is home and right now the office is glowing with new hardrives. Every couple of years this process continues. With the release of newer technologies allowing for bigger file sizes, the need for more space is a constant battle. Knowing what projects lay ahead next year it was time to upgrade. Now I’ve used “>Buffalo NAS Hardrives for years without any problems, except for one time when I dropped my travel drive but that’s me being clutsy, so naturally I stuck with them and boy let me too you these newer drives are fast. In case you looked really closely at the photo and saw the second shelf of drives the logic behind it those are simple. While there are NAS raid 5 drives, which means there is a backup built into every unit, the second drive is there in case the primary unit completely fails entirely. Simple way to ensure all photos are safe. In the end it’s a small price to pay in time and money to preserve those memories.

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