One Image isn’t Enough

One of the true benefits of living in a beautiful place is being able to look out your window and see something truly beautiful. As is common this time of year, one storm rolls into the next. We had a small break this past weekend but the next is on it’s way and with it brought new clouds. Now I didn’t think much was going to happen as the sky was pretty dark all day but thankfully I was proven wrong. Right after lunch the light started showing through on the other side of the clouds over the Gallatin Mountains. I hadn’t seen this formation before so it seemed prudent to grab the D4 and 70-200 VRII and take a few shots.

Click on Image for Larger View

The light was pretty cool and one image just couldn’t quite sum up what I was seeing so the only answer was a pano. Ever since Adobe put the merge to pano feature into Adobe Camera Raw, I have really enjoyed making panos. While they don’t serve a lot of purposes and are hard to do something with besides showing off on the blog, panos allow you to capture so much more then if you were to just take a single image. In this particular case these panos are so narrow because the foreground absolutely sucked but the light stretched across so far that it took multiple images to capture all the details. The top pano is made of ten images and the bottom is made of eight. That’s how many it took to bring the story to life.

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