Warthog Wednesday

I don’t know why some things get stuck in your head and others don’t but they sure can make for some funny thoughts. When I was a kid I watched a lot of Disney movies and I always liked the Lion King. When I went to Africa last year I was looking forward to seeing those critters that were portrayed so vibrantly. I never got to see the Mercats, different part of Africa, but I didn’t get to see a lot of everything else including Pumba.


The real life depiction isn’t quite the same as the color pallet alone stands apart from the movie but the demeanor doesn’t. While rather shy in nature the Warthog certainly lives up to its reputation in terms of speed and agility. When threatened they can takeoff like a bat outa hell, but most often they are seen doing this. Nose to the ground looking for grubs and other eatables. For the most part he didn’t even care that we a couple feet away in the Landy.

Why was I was thinking about this today? I honestly couldn’t say. Just one of those wonderful random thoughts on a Wednesday.

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