The Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Video Releases

There are many important dates in history that should be remembered and sadly not all of them do. May 8th, 1945 known as Victory Europe or VE Day, when the official surrender of Germany ended the European War in WWII is an important one. This past May marked the 70th anniversary of that date and I was very fortunate to be Washington D.C. for the Anniversary Flyover of our nations capitol. Fifty two aircraft flew over the National Mall honoring all those that fought for our freedom.

The official AoD video shows what it was like that week and continues to honor those that helped make this country great. Many people and groups came together for this once in a lifetime flyover. I was privileged to be working with one of those groups, the Texas Flying Legends Museum, who put up seven aircraft for the flyover. I was even more privileged to be able to spend that week with my parents who were at the memorial with me and then compose everything together in the official AoD Flyover Book. This event was one of the greatest examples of unity in honoring our nations veterans. I can only hope that more will come in the future.

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