Big Snow and Big Mammals

Over the last week the big storm that was gone across the northwest has brought with it lots of new snow and cold temps. While most people just enjoy that because it means good power days on the slopes, which I can’t argue are pretty nice right now, for us photographers it means great photo ops with big critters.


Winter time is one of the best times to photograph critters for numerous reasons. Often times during big storms large ungulates tend to bed down meaning when those nice days roll around they will be more active. Also the white background combined with the dark fur coats adds for great contrast. Now you might think the range of light is too great in those scenarios but the snow also acts like a reflector and bounces light in. Lastly the cold temps add steam to waterways that aren’t frozen over. Here in Montana and Wyoming we have a lot of those areas especially in Yellowstone and steam is another great natural element to add to wildlife photography. Simple things when combined with just getting outdoors.

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