From Warm to Cold in a Heart beat

Snow can be so deceptive. I love it! Working with snow can be as great a challenge as working with light. It just keeps changing. With the tiniest amount of direct light it becomes so bright that you can’t look at it but then as soon as that light disappears it becomes dark. Such a fun challenge to work with.


We’ve had some beautiful sunsets in the Gallatin Valley, many of which I didn’t have my camera present, but some I did. This one wasn’t the best but the speed in which it changed from being warm enough to have an open coat, to zipped up and gloves on was mere minutes. Feeling it was one thing capturing it was another.


Just up in one of my favorite retreats with the D4 and 24-70 AF-S, nothing much but simple clicks that show just how fast everything changes. What was fun to watch was how fast the light on the snow changed with the light in the sky. That’s why I love snow.

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