It’s Like Being a Kid Again!

These things are just addictive! One of my Christmas presents that my Dad and my Brother found were the Metal Earth Models made by Fascinations Toys. They are just the coolest things ever! They aren’t really that big, the smallest I have is about 2″x 2″ and the largest is 5″ by 4″ so they are a perfect bookshelf or desk space object. But the enjoyment of making these little aluminum models is huge. If you grew up making models as a kid then you know what I’m talking about if you didn’t you need to buy one.


Metal Earth Models aren’t really new, they’ve been around for a little while. They come in a variety of different objects but naturally I got the Aviation ones. Everything is laser cut on a sheet of aluminum and after they are clipped out and assembled with needle nose pliers they become these great little models. I currently just finished my tenth model, the B-17. They don’t take too long maybe 90 minutes for each one, maybe less, but they are totally worth it! Check em out.

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