What do You Use To Back Up Your Drives?

This is a question that I get quite often and it’s a good question because there are way to many answers out there for it. But for myself when it comes to the program I use to backup files from one external hardrive to another the two programs I use are SyncBack Free and FolderSync Pro. Now SyncBack Free I use on my Dell Desktop in my office. It’s the main program I use for backing up files between my Buffalo NAS Drives. It does a great job and is bloody fast! The program allows you to choose how you want to backup the files and of course where you back them up. Now for my Mac I use FolderSync Pro which does an amazing job. One of the great benefits of that program, but it’s only on Mac, is that after you do a comparison between drives, you can choose which folder or files do backup while skipping others. So there is some flexibility there. When on the road it works great. I have been using both programs for a couple years now and have had no issues. Just my two cents on the matter.


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