Do You Need to Upgrade?

This question has been rattling around every since the announcement of the Nikon’s new flagship DSLR. Whenever you start thinking about upgrading gear there’s a lot more to consider then just the price tag. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is will that piece of gear fill a need you have or is just something you want? When it comes to photography every piece of gear looks awesome! Lets face if you are a photographer then you want more toys that’s just the way it is.


Now I’ve shot with the D4 for a couple years now and I truly love that DSLR. I upgraded from the D3 to the D4 because of the difference in image quality. Now with the D5, that image quality again is what’s on my mind. That’s right I’m upgrading to the D5 here pretty soon and I can’t wait to put to the test these new features. The speed and quality makes a big difference and with my new project I can’t wait to see the results!

Image Courtesy of Nikon Press

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